Friday, July 16, 2010

New Episode being edited.

Due to the hot weather editing has been slow.

I am currently working on a new episode that has Improv Comedy from Completely Stranded and some uplifting music from All the Rage.

Look forward to better episodes that flow a lot better and have snappier segments.

Here is your feel good quote of the month:

"Self doubt is a crippled dog with a skin disease living under your house.
It's been living there since you moved in. It's just there and that's where it lives. Even though you never sought to take on the responsibility of caring for this dog, you wake up early to feed it, you clean it's shit, you listen to it's barking and howling. It is not even a nice dog, you've never had good moments with it and it does not show any sort of appreciation to you whatsoever. It crawls out from under the house long enough to scarf down the meal you prepared for it while disgusting everyone within eyesight with it's scabbed up, sore ridden, diseased appearance. It then takes a dump on your porch and climbs back under the house, maybe growls and snaps at you on the way back down there
You have never stopped and asked yourself 'why the fuck am I feeding this dog?'
What has this crippled dog done for you? What attachment do you have to this dog? Why do you feel the need to keep feeding it? You NEED this dog at the center of your life? This dog repulses everyone who comes near your house. They turn and walk away.
Yet you wake up early to feed it again tomorrow.

There are beautiful dogs in the world, every pound is full of them. Just walk right in and take one home. Beautiful long flowing hair, doing tricks, running with you in the park, girls walking up asking about him.

This is what I ask you to do my friend. Tomorrow, instead of filling that dog dish with food, fill a shotgun with shells. Walk out and do what you should have done the day you moved in. Instead of cleaning it's shit up, clean it's brains off the lawn.

Once that fucking dog is gone, you will ask yourself 'what the fuck was I thinking? How could I have been such an asshole? I have wasted years of my life on nonsense. Gold bars have rained from heaven and I was not interested in picking them up. Opportunities for wonderful experiences have been denied.
'I can't, I have this dog living under my house, you see...'

Get your head out of your ass, get it up in the air. Go outside right now. Look around on the street, look at all these assholes. You don't think you are at their level? You doubt your own ability to hold your own amongst these drippy nosed mongoloids? Look at these assholes talking to these chicks. You think they have something you do not? Puh-fucking-leeze.

Get moving, my man. Life is passing you by right now this second."

-Quote from Marsupialized, Internet Genius 2010.

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